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This research relates to the year ended 30 June 2014. The profiles listed in the table below have been replaced by more up-to-date research. See the 30 June 2015 version here.


The table below lists each strategy profile in operation as at 30 June 2014 (see example to the right) and a copy of the strategy document that was scored. This table is searchable by alphabetical order, ranking, department, sector and number.

RankingGDS TitleDepartmentSectorGDS ProfileGDS Document
1Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch, Mahere Haumanutanga o WaitahaCanterbury Earthquake Recovery AuthorityEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS001 ProfileGDS001 Strategy document
1Rising to the Challenge: The Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan 2012–2017Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS103 ProfileGDS103 Strategy document
3Tackling Methamphetamine: An Action PlanDepartment of the Prime Minister and CabinetFinance and Government Administration SectorGDS015 ProfileGDS015 Strategy document
4A Biosecurity Science Strategy for New Zealand, Mahere Rautaki Putaiao WhakamaruMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS026 ProfileGDS026 Strategy document
5Rena: Long-term Environmental Recovery PlanMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS051 ProfileGDS051 Strategy document
5Safer Journeys: Action Plan 2013–2015Ministry of TransportEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS129 ProfileGDS129 Strategy document
7Tau Mai Te Reo: The Māori Language in Education Strategy 2013–2017Ministry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS072 ProfileGDS072 Strategy document
8Ka Hikitia: Accelerating Success 2013-2017: The Māori Education StrategyMinistry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS071 ProfileGDS071 Strategy document
8Safer Journeys: New Zealand’s Road Safety Strategy 2010–2020Ministry of TransportEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS125 ProfileGDS125 Strategy document
10National Health IT Plan UpdateMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS106 ProfileGDS106 Strategy document
10Youth Crime Action Plan 2013–2023 ReportMinistry of JusticeJustice SectorGDS114 ProfileGDS114 Strategy document
12Understanding Our Geographic Information Landscape: A New Zealand Geospatial Strategy: A Coordinated Approach to Location InformationLand Information New ZealandPrimary Industries SectorGDS018 ProfileGDS018 Strategy document
13Transforming the New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings: Issues, Options, and StrategyStatistics New ZealandMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS134 ProfileGDS134 Strategy document
14Strategy to 2040: He kai kei aku ringa: The Crown-Māori Economic Growth PartnershipMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS062 ProfileGDS062 Strategy document
14Intelligent Transport Systems Technology Action Plan 2014–18: Transport in the Digital AgeMinistry of TransportEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS130 ProfileGDS130 Strategy document
16National Infrastructure Plan 2011TreasuryFinance and Government Administration SectorGDS135 ProfileGDS135 Strategy document
17Result 10 Blueprint: A Strategy for Digital Public ServicesDepartment of Internal AffairsMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS014 ProfileGDS014 Strategy document
18Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017Department of Internal AffairsMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS013 ProfileGDS013 Strategy document
19Delivering Better Public Services: Reducing Crime and Re-offending Result Action PlanMinistry of JusticeJustice SectorGDS113 ProfileGDS113 Strategy document
20New Zealand Energy Strategy to 2050: Powering our Future: Towards a Sustainable Low Emissions Energy SystemMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS057 ProfileGDS057 Strategy document
20Statistics New Zealand: Strategic Plan 2010–20Statistics New ZealandMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS133 ProfileGDS133 Strategy document
22Workplace Health and Safety Strategy for New Zealand to 2015, Ruataki mō te Haumaru me te Hauora o te Wāhi Mahi mō Aotearoa ki te 2015Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS055 ProfileGDS055 Strategy document
23The New Zealand Biodiversity StrategyDepartment of ConservationEnvironment SectorGDS002 ProfileGDS002 Strategy document
23Clean Healthy Air for All New Zealanders: The National Air Quality Compliance Strategy to Meet the PM10 StandardMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS050 ProfileGDS050 Strategy document
23Delivering Better Public Services: Supporting Vulnerable Children: Result Action PlanMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS121 ProfileGDS121 Strategy document
26The New Zealand Disability Strategy: Making a World of Difference: Whakanui Oranga Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS087 ProfileGDS087 Strategy document
27Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm: Six-year Strategic Plan 2010/11–2015/16
Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS098 ProfileGDS098 Strategy document
27Caring for the Carers – He Atawhai i te Hunga Ngākau Oha o Aotearoa: The New Zealand Carers’ Strategy Action Plan for 2014 to 2018Ministry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS123 ProfileGDS123 Strategy document
29New Zealand Urban Design ProtocolMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS045 ProfileGDS045 Strategy document
29New Zealand’s National Implementation Plan Under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic PollutantsMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS046 ProfileGDS046 Strategy document
31Pest Management National Plan of ActionMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS032 ProfileGDS032 Strategy document
32Measures to Improve Youth Mental HealthDepartment of the Prime Minister and CabinetFinance and Government Administration SectorGDS017 ProfileGDS017 Strategy document
32National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks 2013Ministry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS039 ProfileGDS039 Strategy document
32Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding 2012/13–2021/22Ministry of TransportEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS127 ProfileGDS127 Strategy document
35Defence White Paper 2010Ministry of DefenceExternal SectorGDS064 ProfileGDS064 Strategy document
35Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa: Action for Child and Youth DevelopmentMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS119 ProfileGDS119 Strategy document
37Pasifika Education Plan 2013–2017Ministry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS070 ProfileGDS070 Strategy document
37Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm: Three-year Service Plan and Levy Rates for 2013/14 to 2015/16Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS104 ProfileGDS104 Strategy document
39International Development Group Strategic Plan 2012–2015: Development that DeliversMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS079 ProfileGDS079 Strategy document
40New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy 2006–2016Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS092 ProfileGDS092 Strategy document
40Connecting New Zealand: A Summary of the Government’s Policy Direction for TransportMinistry of TransportEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS126 ProfileGDS126 Strategy document
42New Zealand’s Climate Change Solutions: Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change: Plan of Action: A Partnership ApproachMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS025 ProfileGDS025 Strategy document
43Strengthening New Zealand’s Resistance to Organised Crime: An All-of-government Response August 2011Ministry of JusticeJustice SectorGDS112 ProfileGDS112 Strategy document
44The New Zealand School Property Strategy 2011-2021Ministry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS068 ProfileGDS068 Strategy document
45New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy 2011–2016Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS060 ProfileGDS060 Strategy document
46Campylobacter Risk Management StrategyMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS043 ProfileGDS043 Strategy document
46Defence Capability PlanMinistry of DefenceExternal SectorGDS066 ProfileGDS066 Strategy document
46Health of Older People StrategyMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS089 ProfileGDS089 Strategy document
49National Civil Defence Emergency Management StrategyDepartment of Internal AffairsMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS012 Profile See Annex 1GDS012 Strategy document
49National Fisheries Plan for Deepwater and Middle-depth FisheriesMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS029 ProfileGDS029 Strategy document
49National Fisheries Plan for Highly Migratory Species (HMS) 2010–2015Ministry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS030 ProfileGDS030 Strategy document
49Defence Capability PlanMinistry of DefenceExternal SectorGDS065 ProfileGDS065 Strategy document
49The New Zealand Health StrategyMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS084 ProfileGDS084 Strategy document
49‘Ala Mo’ui: Pathways to Pacific Health and Wellbeing 2014–2018Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS110 ProfileGDS110 Strategy document
55National Plan of Action – 2013: To Reduce the Incidental Catch of Seabirds in New Zealand FisheriesMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS040 ProfileGDS040 Strategy document
56Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2009–2014Department of CorrectionsJustice SectorGDS007 ProfileGDS007 Strategy document
56New Zealand Packaging Accord 2004Ministry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS044 ProfileGDS044 Strategy document
58New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2013–2016Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS105 ProfileGDS105 Strategy document
59Salmonella Risk Management StrategyMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS042 ProfileGDS042 Strategy document
60He Whāriki Maurua: Business with Māori Strategy 2013–2016Land Information New ZealandPrimary Industries SectorGDS021 ProfileGDS021 Strategy document
60National Drug Policy 2007–2012Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS093 ProfileGDS093 Strategy document
60The New Zealand Positive Ageing StrategyMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS117 ProfileGDS117 Strategy document
63Cadmium and New Zealand Agriculture and Horticulture: A Strategy for Long Term Risk Management: A Report Prepared by the Cadmium Working Group for the Chief Executives Environmental ForumMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS031 ProfileGDS031 Strategy document
63Listeria Risk Management StrategyMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS041 ProfileGDS041 Strategy document
63Tertiary Education Strategy 2014–2019Ministry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS073 ProfileGDS073 Strategy document
66Hector’s and Maui’s Dolphin Threat Management PlanDepartment of ConservationEnvironment SectorGDS004 ProfileGDS004 Strategy document
66The Power of ‘Where’ Drives New Zealand’s SuccessLand Information New ZealandPrimary Industries SectorGDS020 ProfileGDS020 Strategy document
66Freshwater Reform: 2013 and BeyondMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS052 ProfileGDS052 Strategy document
66Delivering Better Public Services: Reducing Long-term Welfare Dependence: Result Action PlanMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS120 ProfileGDS120 Strategy document
70New Zealand Arts, Cultural and Heritage Tourism Strategy to 2015Ministry for Culture and HeritageMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS023 ProfileGDS023 Strategy document
70The New Zealand Waste Strategy: Reducing Harm, Improving EfficiencyMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS049 ProfileGDS049 Strategy document
70Our Future Together: New Zealand Settlement StrategyMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS056 ProfileGDS056 Strategy document
70New Zealand Energy Strategy 2011–2021: Developing Our Energy PotentialMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS059 ProfileGDS059 Strategy document
74Youth Health: A Guide to ActionMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS090 ProfileGDS090 Strategy document
74Disability Support Services Strategic Plan 2010 to 2014: Towards a More Flexible Disability Support System: Nothing for Us Without UsMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS101 ProfileGDS101 Strategy document
76New Zealand Positioning Strategy 2014Land Information New ZealandPrimary Industries SectorGDS022 ProfileGDS022 Strategy document
76Fisheries 2030: New Zealanders Maximising Benefits From the Use of Fisheries Within Environmental LimitsMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS028 ProfileGDS028 Strategy document
76Oil Emergency Response Strategy: Government Response to an Oil Supply DisruptionMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS058 ProfileGDS058 Strategy document
79New Zealand’s Cyber Security StrategyDepartment of the Prime Minister and CabinetFinance and Government Administration SectorGDS016 ProfileGDS016 Strategy document
79Our Strategy 2030: Growing and Protecting New ZealandMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS034 ProfileGDS034 Strategy document
79The Business Growth Agenda: Future Direction 2014Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS063 ProfileGDS063 Strategy document
79Leadership Statement for International Education, Version OneMinistry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS069 ProfileGDS069 Strategy document
83Opening Doors to China: New Zealand’s 2015 VisionMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS078 ProfileGDS078 Strategy document
83National Health Emergency PlanMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS095 ProfileGDS095 Strategy document
83The Guide to He Korowai Oranga: Māori Health Strategy 2014Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS111 ProfileGDS111 Strategy document
83Disability Action Plan 2014-2018: New Zealand's Priorities to Advance Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities and the New Zealand Disability StrategyMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS124 ProfileGDS124 Strategy document
87New Zealand Subantarctic Islands Research StrategyDepartment of ConservationEnvironment SectorGDS003 ProfileGDS003 Strategy document
87Draft National Fisheries Plan for Inshore FinfishMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS035 ProfileGDS035 Strategy document
87Meeting the Challenges of Future Flooding in New ZealandMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS047 ProfileGDS047 Strategy document
87The New Zealand Palliative Care StrategyMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS085 ProfileGDS085 Strategy document
87The New Zealand Cancer Control StrategyMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS091 ProfileGDS091 Strategy document
92Water Research StrategyMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS048 ProfileGDS048 Strategy document
92The Pacific Languages FrameworkMinistry of Pacific Island AffairsMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS115 ProfileGDS115 Strategy document
94Marine Protected Areas: Policy and Implementation PlanMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS024 ProfileGDS024 Strategy document
94A Framework for Environmental Reporting in New ZealandMinistry for the EnvironmentEnvironment SectorGDS053 ProfileGDS053 Strategy document
94The New Zealand Ambulance Service Strategy: The First Line of Mobile Emergency Intervention in the Continuum of Health CareMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS096 ProfileGDS096 Strategy document
94Investment Statement: Managing the Crown’s Balance SheetTreasuryFinance and Government Administration SectorGDS136 ProfileGDS136 Strategy document
98Medicines New Zealand: Contributing to Good Health Outcomes for All New Zealanders
Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS094 ProfileGDS094 Strategy document
98National Health Emergency Plan: Mass Casualty Action PlanMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS100 ProfileGDS100 Strategy document
100The Government’s Aquaculture Strategy and Five-year Action Plan to Support AquacultureMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS033 ProfileGDS033 Strategy document
100Better, Sooner, More Convenient Health Care in the CommunityMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS099 ProfileGDS099 Strategy document
102The Primary Health Care StrategyMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS086 ProfileGDS086 Strategy document
102Whāia Te Ao Mārama: The Māori Disability Action Plan for Disability Support Services 2012 to 2017Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS102 ProfileGDS102 Strategy document
104Draft National Fisheries Plan for Inshore ShellfishMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS036 ProfileGDS036 Strategy document
105New Zealand Antarctic & Southern Ocean Science: Directions and Priorities 2010–2020Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS074 ProfileGDS074 Strategy document
105Opening Doors to India: New Zealand’s 2015 VisionMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS077 ProfileGDS077 Strategy document
105New Zealand’s ASEAN Partnership: One Pathway to Ten NationsMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS082 ProfileGDS082 Strategy document
108Draft National Fisheries Plan for FreshwaterMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS037 ProfileGDS037 Strategy document
108Reduced Waiting Times for Public Hospital Elective ServicesMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS083 ProfileGDS083 Strategy document
108Pathways to Inclusion: Ngā ara whakauru ki te iwi whānui: Improving Vocational Services for People with DisabilitiesMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS118 ProfileGDS118 Strategy document
108Leadership Strategy for the State ServicesState Services CommissionFinance and Government Administration SectorGDS132 ProfileGDS132 Strategy document
112New Zealand Sea Lion Species Management Plan: 2009–2014Department of ConservationEnvironment SectorGDS005 ProfileGDS005 Strategy document
113Refugee Settlement: New Zealand Resettlement StrategyMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS061 ProfileGDS061 Strategy document
114Success for All: Every School, Every Child: Building an Inclusive Education SystemMinistry of EducationEducation & Science SectorGDS067 ProfileGDS067 Strategy document
114Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy: Phase OneMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS088 ProfileGDS088 Strategy document
116Creating Lasting Change: Strategy 2011–2015 (Year One)Department of CorrectionsJustice SectorGDS008 ProfileGDS008 Strategy document
116Advancing With Australia: New Zealand Inc Australia StrategyMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS080 ProfileGDS080 Strategy document
116Children’s Action Plan: Identifying, Supporting and Protecting Vulnerable Children: The White Paper for Vulnerable ChildrenMinistry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS122 ProfileGDS122 Strategy document
116National Airspace Policy of New ZealandMinistry of TransportEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS128 ProfileGDS128 Strategy document
120Vision Mātauranga: Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Māori Knowledge, Resources and PeopleMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentEconomic Development & Infrastructure SectorGDS054 ProfileGDS054 Strategy document
121New Generation National Library: Strategic Directions to 2017Department of Internal AffairsMaori, Other Populations & Cultural SectorGDS011 ProfileGDS011 Strategy document
121Opening Doors to the Gulf Region: The New Zealand Inc StrategyMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS081 ProfileGDS081 Strategy document
121Towards Customs 2020New Zealand Customs ServiceExternal SectorGDS131 ProfileGDS131 Strategy document
124National Historic Heritage Strategy 2013Department of CorrectionsJustice SectorGDS009 ProfileGDS009 Strategy document
125Harvest Strategy Standard for New Zealand FisheriesMinistry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS027 ProfileGDS027 Strategy document
126Youth Strategy – Reducing Re-offending by Young PeopleDepartment of CorrectionsJustice SectorGDS010 ProfileGDS010 Strategy document
126’Future Directions for the Border Sector’Ministry for Primary IndustriesPrimary Industries SectorGDS038 ProfileGDS038 Strategy document
126International Development Policy Statement: Supporting Sustainable Development [In Developing Countries]Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS076 ProfileGDS076 Strategy document
129Latin America: A Revised ApproachMinistry of Foreign Affairs and TradeExternal SectorGDS075 ProfileGDS075 Strategy document
129Actioning Medicines New Zealand 2010Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS097 ProfileGDS097 Strategy document
131National Health Emergency Plan: National Reserve Supplies Management and Usage Policies, 3rd EditionMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS108 ProfileGDS108 Strategy document
132Strengthening Families for Well-being: From Welfare to Well-being, mai i te toko i te ora ki te oranga: 5th Edition 1998Ministry of Social DevelopmentSocial Development and Housing SectorGDS116 ProfileGDS116 Strategy document
133Geodetic Physical Infrastructure StrategyLand Information New ZealandPrimary Industries SectorGDS019 ProfileGDS019 Strategy document
134Science Counts! The Department of Conservation’s Strategic Science and Research Priorities 2011–2016Department of ConservationEnvironment SectorGDS006 ProfileGDS006 Strategy document
135National Health Emergency Plan: H5N1 Pre-Pandemic Vaccine Usage Policy (Revised 2013)Ministry of HealthHealth SectorGDS107 ProfileGDS107 Strategy document
136Care Closer to HomeMinistry of HealthHealth SectorGDS109 ProfileGDS109 Strategy document
New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 (NZCPS) Department of ConservationEnvironment SectorSee Annex 2Strategy document