This page explains the initial concept and the challenges and adjustments that have been made as the project has progressed.

Methodology – February 2015GDS INDex 2015 methodology

Working Paper 2015/04: Methodology for the Government Department Strategies Index New Zealand  (PDF, 676KB).

This methodology also applies to the subsequent GDS Index Updates.


Annex 1 – 30 March 2015
The National Civil Defence and Emergency Management Strategy 2008 was initially under the control of the Department of Internal Affairs. However, on 1 April 2014 it was transferred to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. This means if we were to undertake the Index analysis again, the sector averages would be different, as this change resulted in the GDS moving from the Māori, Other Populations & Cultural Sector to the Finance and Government Administration Sector. This also means that the department averages would be different, as this change resulted in the GDS moving from DIA to DPMC.

Annex 2 – 30 March 2015

The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 (NZCPS) is a new addition to the list. In our opinion it does meet the definition of a GDS in operation as at 30 June 2014. The reasons why it was missed is possibly due to DOC (as part of their OIA response in June 2014) considering it was a government strategy (rather than a department strategy) and the title not containing the terms ‘strategy’ or ‘plan’. In retrospect, after further discussion with DOC staff, we consider the policy statement is a strategy and therefore should be included in the profiles list so that it can be easily identified. However, it has not been analysed, scored or ranked against the other GDSs. By including the GDS in the profile list, we have ensured that it will be included in future indexes. This means if we were to undertake the research again, there would be 137 GDSs (not 136).

Annex 3 – 30 March 2015

The Institute has developed the concept of a strategy wheel in order to clearly show the relationships between strategic instruments and the institutions implementing them. The wheel shows how within the public policy system there are three components which work together – institutions, instruments, and information systems. Learn more here.

Annex 4 – November 2015

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